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In 2021, I got a 3-month internship with a publication as an editorial intern, writing articles for their website on various topics and pushing me outside of my comfort zone. This re-sparked my love for writing and creating readable content. However, when my internship came to a close, despite the whole internship being an amazing experience and my love for creating content and writing, I came to the realisation that professional journalism wasn't something I wished to pursue in my life.

So I took some time off and started thinking about what I truly wanted to do with my life. At the same time, I tried looking for a full-time job in the industry I wanted. Unfortunately, that came up empty due to the fact that no one in my chosen field was hiring. So, in the end, I decided to bite the bullet and invest the majority of my savings into launching a small business. It took a while and lots of difficulties, but in December of 2021, my small home-based business, CHERIELUNE, was finally launched.


Hello! I'm Jeway. Welcome to my little virtual world, where you will see bits and pieces of my outfits, living space, beauty and makeup tips, my experiences, adventures and more! Born and raised in Singapore. Growing alongside the social media age and the internet, I have found a passion and love for creating content through photos, videos and words across many social media platforms. This site is my happy place where I  share what I love, what I learnt, what inspires me and hopefully inspire you to live out your dreams and goals.

With love,


I launched my first blog in 2017 while getting my diploma in Fashion Design and Marketing as stress relieving. Subsequently, I launched this website while attending University, where I studied Fashion Design. At that point in time, this site was mainly used to put my work and portfolio on display. After graduating in 2020, and after the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic had passed in Singapore, I decided to pursue another passion. I got myself a diploma and certification in Professional Makeup Artistry. This site was then again used to display my work, but this time for both fashion design and makeup.


But after the launch, I still felt like something was missing in my life. That is when I decided to relaunch my website/blog and start creating content that I love. I had no clue what I was doing, but I figured it out as I went. This fulfilled the void I had and gave me a sense of peace and freedom that I didn't get from anything else. Having this blog as my creative outlet helped me stay inspired and motivated to reach all my goals in life.


If there is one thing I'd love for you to take away from visiting my site is that as long as you believe in yourself and never give up, you can achieve anything you set your mind to! Believe and trust in yourself even when everyone around you doesn't. Never give up on your dreams and goals, even if it feels unreachable and unattainable. Like I always tell myself,



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